Purchasing-related law for larger companies and groups

Insatt's lawyers, who have worked hands-on with purchasing agreements for many years, invite you to a training series where we mix theory with practical examples. By focusing primarily on buyers in manufacturing companies who face roughly the same challenges in everyday life, the focus and discussions become practical and relevant. Every course session has interactive moments where the participants can network and exchange experiences.


Overall goals of the training

The aim of the training is to give the participant an overall picture and understanding of the law related to the purchasing process and an in-depth knowledge of the meaning of different clauses in confidentiality agreements, product development agreements and purchasing agreements.

Scope and contents of the training

The training runs over four half days and comprises, among other things:

-Review of the various phases of the purchasing process from a legal perspective - preparation phase, negotiation and conclusion of contracts, and contract management and termination of the contracts. Emphasis is mainly placed on the relationship between the law and the practical purchasing work.
-An international perspective on how contracts are entered into in other countries, similarities and differences.
-The function and meaning of powers of attorney, related to power and authority.
-Basic knowledge and knowledge of relevant standard contracts.
-Review of confidentiality agreements, product development agreements and purchase agreements.
-Tool and machine purchases will also be discussed.

The training is primarily aimed at buyers of direct materials and buyers of production equipment.


Course session 1
- Review of the contracting process and the basic legal principles for the conclusion of a contract.
- Who can enter into contracts? Review of the law of power and authority and the law of powers of attorney.
- Case study - work in smaller groups.

Course session 2
- Product development agreements
- Confidentiality agreements
- Case study - work in smaller groups.

Course session 3
- Review of standard contracts, NL09, NLM and Orgalime
- Passing of risk and ownership
- Different types of purchasing contracts
- Contract drafting and interpretation

Course session 4
- The purchasing contract and typical clauses.
- Choice of law.
- Examples from the participants' own templates and precedent drafting.
- Contract management and termination of the contracts.

If there are two or more participants from the same company we will grant a 20% discount

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