Legal training in the Swedish School Act concering discrimination and harassment

School should be a place where all students should feel secure and respected for who they are. It should be a place where all students get the opportunity to be challenged and develop to their full potential.

To be able to achieve this, the school must be a place free from harassment and abusive treatment, and here the School Act sets high demands. It is important to constantly work on prevention and have procedures in place to ensure that the school acts in accordance with the School Act.

We offer training courses in the Swedish school system's work against discrimination and harassment. During the course, we revew the provisions of the Swedish School Act and associated legislation in the area. What constitutes discrimination and harassment under law? What measures need to be taken if appropriate? We will look deeply into the meaning of relevant legislation and its practical application and look at guiding legal precedents in the area.

The course is geared toward both officials at education authorities and toward principals and school personnel.

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