Qnister GDPR

The software for your way to compliance – a simple way to work with data protection routines

Qnister GDPR is an online software - developed by us lawyers at Insatt - that guides the user through the GDPR regulation, while ensuring that all GDPR information is gathered in one place. A simple way to work with data protection routines.

You will quickly realize that with Qnister the GDPR work becomes easy. What you need to keep track of is your own business. You shouldn't have to be a lawyer to understand, which is why we created Qnister GDPR.


Developed by lawyers at Insatt 

The idea of the GDPR software was born when the corporate lawyers at Insatt AB started to investigate the GDPR and how it was going to effect their customers. Soon they realized that with the right systematics and explanations the customers themselves would be able to handle many aspects of the GDPR.

The Qnister software is a part of our vision to make a change in the concervative law business.

Read more about Qnister and the GDPR compliance tool at Qnister.com

Your way to GDPR compliance

We can assist you with everything from full implementation projects to a separate review of development or sales processes or to get the most fundamental parts in place. All based on your business and risk profile.

We are experts in the privacy legislation GDPR and have extensive experience from assisting both the local app developer and the global industrial company.

These and over 500 other companies use Qnister GDPR: