We have solid experience from drafting purchasing agreements adapted to specific operations. The starting point is of course to draft well developed agreements, but we also understand the importance of adapting the agreements to the specific product and the risks that are typical to your business.

We work according to the philosophy that agreements should be drafted in a way so that they will actually be used in the business and so that they will be acceptable to the other party, which sometimes means that the law must take a backseat in order to make the best deal possible.

Purchasing could be anything from small components to entire products and services. Our work has also given us a long-standing experience from advising on NL17, NLM19 and Orgalime S 2012.

- Purchasing agreements
- Project agreements
- Non-disclosure agreements
- General terms and conditions for purchase
- Consulting agreements
- Subcontracting agreements
- Consigation agreements
- System delivery agreements
- OEM-agreements
- NL 17
- NLM 19
- Orgalime

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