Nobody could have failed to notice that we have new privacy legislation, GDPR, from the spring of 2018. We are experts in the area and have extensive experience from assisting both the local app developer and the global industrial.

Depending on your operations, you will be affected to different degrees, but there are actions all entreprises need to take and where a quick fix will not help the day the supervising authority comes knocking.

We can assist you with everything from full implementation projects to a separate review of development or sales processes or to get the most fundamental parts in place. All based on your business and risk profile.

- Implementation project (speaking partner to an internal project or as project manager)
- GDPR tool Qnister
- Article 30 register
- Information to data subjects
- Data processing agreements
- R&D checklist
- Instructions to sales functions
- Data breach management
- Handling of unstructured materials (Office 365, Dropbox, Outlook)
- Internal process for the rights of data subjects
- Privacy policy
- Cookie policy

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