Premises and real property

Most businesses eventually come into contact with agreements for the lease of premises. Many use form documents that often give a false sense of security since some rules may not be departed from contractually. This means that it will later in connection with a termination become apparent that the preconditions for the lease were not at all the ones written into the lease agreement, which in turn means that the termination will be costly.

We would be happy to assist you in your termination of lease agreements or preferably already when you are about to enter into them so that you will achieve clear and predictable preconditions for your business relation.

We will also assist if you are buying or selling real property, developing land or constructing new buildings. Feel free to contact us and we will make sure that the legal preconditions for your lease relationship or real property ownership are clear.

- Lease agreement for premises
- Termination of commercial tenant
- Real property transfers
- Applications to buy land
- Easements
- Usufruct rights

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