Owner and board issues

Regardless of whether you are an established company or a startup, it is vital to distinguish between the roles in the company and understand the different functions of the different corporate bodies. This what corporate governance means.

We are happy to assist with competence and advice concerning shareholders meetings, board work, capital procurement as well as policies and guidelines for the business. We are experienced in advising listed companies regarding compliance with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and in drafting and implementing policy documents and instructions to ensure good governance and control over the company's operations. Good corporate governance from the ownership level to each individual employee can form the basis for good business governance also for companies not comprised by the Code. We hold tailor-made training sessions for boards and associations in board work and basic company law for board members.

Ownership issues

- Shareholder directives
- Shareholders agreements/Partner agreements
- Share ledgers and share certificates
- Option programs
- Option agreements

Shareholders meetings

- Notices
- Proposals
- Chair and secretary for shareholders meetings

Board work

- Rules of procedure for the board of directors
- Minutes
- Annual wheel
- Committee work

Capital procurement

- Loan agreements
- Share issuances
- Convertibles
- Warrants

Capital markets law

- The Swedish Corporate Governance Code
- Insider issues and reporting (MAR)

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