The publicity principle, public documents and confidentiality

The publicity principle has strong roots in Swedish law and means that the public has a right to transparency in public service and also the right to review public documents. For employees within public serviceit is important to have solid knowledge of what the publicity principle entails and how it affects daily operations.

About the course

During the training, we will review the publicity principle, what a public document is and how the confidentiality rules in publicity and secrecy law affect the disclosure of public documents.

Upon completion of the course, you will have good knowledge of the field and useful examples that may facilitate the assessment of what is a public document and how to handle a request for disclosure of such a document.

The training comprises, among other things:

The publicity principle

Public documents
- What is a public document?
- When does a document become public?
- How is a request for disclosure of a public document handled?

- The structure of secrecy rules
- Limitations of secrecy
- Rules that overrule secrecy
- What happens if I breach the secrecy?

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