Board of directors training

Ownership and board issues are important in both the private and the municipal sector. A well-functioning company requires well-functioning governance. A prerequisite for this is that persons in senior positions have sufficient knowledge.

Insatt offers training for boards of municipal-owned companies, which gives the board a good basis in its board work.

During the training, we review the practical board work and focus on the assignment. We start with applicable legislation and give the participants a better understanding of the board's role and responsibility.

We also review factors that are important for trust and efficiency such as follow-up work and counteracting corruption.

The training includes

Basic information about the comapny's board of directors
- Composition and function of the board
- Responsibilities of the board

Practical board work
- The rules of procedure of the board of directors
- Practical handling of board meeting minutes
- Committee work

Municipal compentency
- A comprehensive review of the municipal competency

Anti-corruption work
- Review of anti-bribery legislation and other rules aiming to prevent corruption

Other relevant legislation
- Transparency and secrecy
- Employment law
- The Public Procurement Act
- Etc.

Training adapted to your operations
- We also offer training course adapted to individual operations, tailored to the relevant company and its circumstances.

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