Data protection officer as a service

Appoint us as your external Data protection officer - DPO. To appoint someone within the organization who is suitable to be a Data Protection Officer can often be unnecessarily difficult and require a lot of resources.

Let Insatt act on your behalf as a Data Protection Officer in your organization. We are experts in the privacy legislation GDPR and have data protection specialists with many years of experience working with personal data management.

A wide range of organizations that handle personal data are, according to the GDPR, required to appoint a Data protection officer. The overall and most important task of a DPO is to monitor that the organization complies with the GDPR and to act as a contact person to the data subjects.

Important to keep in mind is that the DPO must be able to work independently and not handle personal data within the organization. Another important part is that the DPO should have good knowledge of the GDPR and how it affects the organization.


A quality measure of your personal data management

Even organizations that do not have legal obligation to appoint a  Data Protection Officer can of course choose to have one. A DPO can be seen as a measurement of quality on your personal data management and that you value and protect your data subjects.

Work with experienced data protection specialists

With our experienced data protection specialists, you can feel confident that there is always someone to discuss your data protection work with. In our service the following is included to a fixed cost:

  • Start-up meeting with current situation analysis
  • Internal control of the organization's compliance with the GDPR
  • Annual report to the organization's management regarding shortcomings and development needs
  • Semi-annual follow-up after the report has been submitted
  • Annual half-day training in GDPR
  • Access to our newsletter and external coverage

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