Code of conduct

Insatt's code of conduct is intended to function as guidance for all employees and be a tool in our daily operations . It is designed to convey to the customers and cooperation partners what our values are.

At Insatt we safeguard the moral compass and it is the responsibility of all employees to follow it. We represent drive, acuity and skill in our work and we are not afraid to think in new ways or use modern digital tools.

Success in business is based on trust from customers, employees, partners and the public at large. We compete with the highest quality in our work performance, never through illegal or unethical business methods. We never do business with anyone that we believe may harm Insatt's reputation.

The code of conduct is influenced by the UN Global Compact and we support its ten principles about human rights, employment law, the environment and anti-corruption

Here you will the entire code of conduct:
Download (PDF file)