About Insatt

Insatt is a rapidly growing company that is changing the legal market and challenging a conservative consulting industry.

With long-standing experience as inhouse counsel in large global group companies as well as entrepreneurial scale-ups, we are familiar with the challenges that a business may meet in its daily operations. We also know that many businesses lack many of the advantages of having an inhouse legal department in place in the organisation.

This is something we brought with us when we started Insatt. We offer inhouse counsel to established companies and entrepreneurs, that may not have the wherewithal to hire their own full-time inhouse counsel but where the need for legal advice close to the operations is the same.

As inhouse counsel we have learned to focus on the right things, to build for the long term and offer tangible advice and tools on the basis of practical experience. We have solid experience from working directly in the production line and understand the importance of support to the business.

We are Insatt.

Anna-Lena Isaksson

Anna-Lena Isaksson

Emelie Terlinder

Emelie Terlinder

Qnister GDPR

Insatt's vision is to change and digitalise the conservative legal services industry. As a first step towards this vision, we developed Qnister GDPR - a cloud-based service that guides the user through the GDPR regulation and at the same time collects all GDPR information in one place.

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What corporate counsel are you looking for? All businesses are different and the need for legal advice of course varies depending on the type of operations.

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